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So, I have to be honest. I don’t do many product reviews here mostly because the products I come across are total crap. It’s tough for me to find gems in the huge Trash Fire that is the internet.

But! Today I’m actually reviewing a product, though, y’all! And since I’m actually writing about it, that means it’s a good one. 😉

The folks over at Infinity Jars reached out to me and offered free product in exchange for an honest review. At first I was like, “Psh, it’s just glass bottles. Who gives a shiz?” But after doing some research on the company and its products, I jumped at the chance to give ’em a try.

Full disclosure: I was given free stuff in exchange for this review, but the review is all mine, y’all.

What’s Infinity Jars?

That’s what I first said, too. I’d never heard of these people, but their product actually looked really neat. They sell glass jars and bottles that are made from a special pigment. The bottles are dark violet-blue in color, which helps filter out light, air, and scent.

That doesn’t sound like much at first, until you look at the science behind it. Both clear and even brown-pigmented jars allow light inside the jar, which makes the contents degrade more quickly. The idea is that the design and color of Infinity Jars keep the contents fresher for much longer.

Infinity claims you can preserve foods, cosmetics, and spices more effectively with their jars. Do they actually work, though? Let’s do some experimenting!

The review

infinity jars

I got to pick which jars I wanted to review, which made me more excited about glass jars than I’ve … probably ever been.

Anyway, I received:

I ran an experiment with these containers for two weeks. Here’s what I stored in my glass jars:

    • Fine mist spray bottle: I put my vodka-lavender room spray in this. I previously stored the spray in a leftover plastic spritz bottle. My issue with the plastic was that the lavender scent faded quickly, which left me with spraying vodka on everything (which is still a great way to combat musty smells).
    • 3 square glass bottles with oil spout: I was a little greedy here and wanted three oil bottles to hold my vegetable, olive, and peanut oil. Our old oil containers don’t pour easily, so it’s a hassle to get oil out of them. They also get covered in nasty oil in the process of shaking them, so it makes a mess.
oil spout glass jars

Old versus new. Ahhh, what a difference

  • Round glass bottle: I was most excited to try out this gigantic glass bottle on my kefir. I made a batch of lemon-flavored kefir and stored it in this bottle for two weeks in the fridge.
  • Glass cosmetic style wide mouth jar: I’m still brainstorming other uses, but for now I’m keeping my honey-cinnamon acne scrub in this little jar.

acne scrub

The Pros

After using these Infinity glass bottles for two weeks, I have to say that I’m impressed. Here are the highlights of my experience with these fancy glass jars.

The glass is frickin’ thick.

I was surprised at how heavy these glass jars were. I gave them a look-see and the glass is incredibly thick. I could beat someone with the glass bottle and the bottle would be unscathed. This is a big plus to me. I’m a clumsy buffoon, so thick glass means there’s less chance for me to break something. We’re trying to get away from using plastic and more glass, so it’s nice that these are actually well-made.

They know how to pack glass.

I was so paranoid that I was going to receive a package full of shattered purple glass. To my delight, Infinity Jars packaged everything really well. They double-wrapped everything in bubble wrap and it all arrived safely.

The jars, you know, actually work.

I read a library book a few years ago about DIY beauty creams. I wanted to make some for myself, but the book urged me not to even bother unless I had blue glass jars. I learned about the science and why the color of storage jars matters so much. If I hadn’t learned about this, I wouldn’t have bothered to try Infinity Jars in the first place, since it sounds too good to be true.


The DIY lavender room spray impressively kept its scent. I’ve stored this stuff in other containers and it’s lost its lavender-y-ness in about a week. But in these violet glass jars, the scent lasts much, much longer. The kefir in the liter bottle stays fresh longer and the oils in the square bottles retain more of their original flavor.

I’ve been really impressed with the craftsmanship of these bottles and the fact that they do what Infinity says they’ll do.

The Cons

They’re expensive

Like most good things on this green Earth, Infinity Jars are kinda pricey. They offer coupons and discounts, but they’re more expensive than a crate of Mason jars. However! I’d argue that these jars could pay for themselves. They prevent waste and preserve ingredient quality, which is awesome. If you’re finicky about your ingredients and foods, I do think the jars are worth the cost in the long run.

You can’t see through them

I mean, to be fair, the point of the Infinity Jars is to not be able to see through them. They work on the idea that light and air are damaging. But yeah, it was difficult to see when I was running low on kefir or when we needed to refill our oils.

I guess the best solution here is to feel them and know when they’re empty. It’s not a big deal, but it’s a minor annoyance.

The bottom line

I really had a hoot trying out my new glass jars. I was skeptical at first, but overall I really enjoy Infinity Jars. I think I’ll actually snag a few as Christmas gifts.

We want to know: Have you ever tried blue bottles for storing things? 

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