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Hi there! Welcome to the Picky Pinchers blog.

I’m Mrs. Picky Pincher!

We’ve started our journey into the realm of financial independence and early retirement, but it sure hasn’t been easy. Soon after we were married, we had a revelation. With nearly $8mrs picky pincher0,000 in consumer and student loan debt, we had enough with the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle. Enough with dozens of monthly payments with interest. Enough with buying more things than we possibly needed. We wanted freedom. We wanted to work for ourselves. And these are things that just aren’t possible if you have debt weighing over you.

Thanks in part to Mr. Picky Pincher’s math skills and Mrs. Picky Pincher’s resourcefulness–and sometimes just dumb luck–we crafted a plan to not only get out of debt, but retire early. This blog documents our journey from indebted nine-to-fivers to independent early retirees. We’re sure to make mistakes along the way–and write all about them–but for us, the path to freedom and happiness is clear. And we want to share it with you.

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What does “Picky Pinchers” mean, anyway?

For us, the decision to become frugal was met with challenges. Mr. Picky Pincher and I are very particular people, especially when it comes to food and finances. The idea of becoming debt free and retiring early was so alluring, but we had to overcome the barriers we created in our own minds to get there.

The name Picky Pinchers represents my personal philosophy of frugality.

You’re allowed to be Picky when you’re pinching pennies to pay off debt or save money. So what if I refuse to eat sausage? So what if Mr. Picky Pincher hates eating herbs grown indoors? So what if we have to sleep on memory foam pillows?

It’s okay if you’re a particular person, as long as you know how to rein in your (maybe sometimes pricey) consumer habits. You can live very well doing most of the things you already love doing. It just means there’s a smarter, cheaper, more conscious way to get all of these things. Frugality is a mindset that challenges you to question everything society says you need to do. Frugality is the key to living a simple, happier life by escaping the rat race of consumption. And that’s the key to the Picky Pinchers approach.

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