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Hi there! Welcome to Picky Pinchers.

We’re here to help you stretch your limits, save money, slash debt, and live a better life on less.

We’re on a journey to pay off $225,000 of debt while living the good life. Don’t worry—I sprinkle in plenty of cat pictures and tasty recipes along the way.

We currently save over 50% of our income and are on track to retire by 2027. If you’re sick to death of debt (and who the hell isn’t?), join our growing community of thousands of like-minded people.

This blog documents our journey from indebted nine-to-fivers to independent early retirees. We’re sure to make mistakes along the way–and write all about them–but for us, the path to freedom and happiness is clear. And we want to share it with you.

If this is your first time here, check out our free 30-Day Frugal Cleanse. It shares many of the steps we took to get out of debt—it’s great for beginners and frugal aficionados alike!

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What does “Picky Pinchers” mean, anyway?

If I knew people would refer to me as “Mrs. PP” on a regular basis, maybe I would have chosen a different name for the blog.

Oh well, Mrs. PP it is!

I’m often asked why this blog is called Picky Pinchers. Simply put: it’s our new life philosophy.

Picky Pinchers is all about pinching the pennies that are important to you. We aren’t about sacrificing quality of life or being stingy with money. We spend money on the things that matter and cut out the expenses that don’t matter.

Mr. Picky Pincher and I are very particular people, especially when it comes to food and finances. The idea of becoming debt free and retiring early was alluring, but we had to overcome the barriers we created in our own minds to get there.

Frugality is a mindset that challenges you to question everything society says you need to do. Frugality is the key to living a simple, happier life by escaping the rat race of consumption.

Can’t get enough?

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