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Hey there, Picky people! It’s time for another installment of my favorite frugal bloggers. Don’t forget to check out the first post if you missed it!

As a personal finance writer, I spend a lot of time reading other personal finance sites. In fact, I probably spend 10 hours a week reading other people’s blogs!

There’s so much awesome content out there that I wanted to introduce y’all to a few of my favorite bloggers. This list is by no means exhaustive; it would take forever and a day to list all of my favorite bloggers. So I’ll feature a few of them from time to time if you’re looking for a new blog to read. 🙂

Just a few of my favorite money bloggers

The Non-consumer Advocate

If I had to describe the Non-consumer Advocate in two words it would be “Goodwill Goddess.”

She’s a wiz at buying items at thrift stores and reselling them online for big bucks. She also finds all kinds of bizarre things at Goodwill, which she also documents in her blog series “Goodwill, Badwill, Questionablewill.”

I also love the Non-consumer Advocate’s Five Frugal Things posts, which are a reminder that you can do a little frugal somethin’ every day.

The Prudent Homemaker

The Prudent Homemaker has a pretty interesting story. She has 8 kids and went through some pretty tough years for a while where their family’s income was low (her husband is a real estate agent and the housing market was performing poorly). To feed her family, the Prudent Homemaker created a food forest in her back yard and a bulk food storage room to stockpile staples like rice, beans, flour, etc.

In addition to posting tips on child-rearing, homeschooling, in-season cooking, and her frugal adventures, she also posts about her creative craft projects. Seriously, this lady has crazy sewing skills—I’m super jealous of her talent!

Check out the Prudent Homemaker if you’d like to read more about frugal homemaking skills and eating on the cheap.

Mr. Tako Escapes

Mr. Tako (tako = Japanese word for octopus) is based in the Pacific Northwest and achieved financial independence at the age of 38 (!). After planning his retirement journey in 2001, he was able to quit his full-time gig in 2015 to spend more time with his kids.

His blog is an absolute hoot to read, with plenty of cephalopod puns sprinkled throughout. Check out Mr. Tako’s blog for a smattering of advice on frugal eats, income reports, and general badass advice.

Budgets Are Sexy

There’s nothing like getting money advice from a dude with a mohawk, which is what you get at Budgets Are Sexy, a site run by a guy called J$ (J-Money).

This is actually a pretty big site, but I really enjoy its tone. It has a little bit of everything: income reports, investment information, side hustle highlights, and more.

J$ also created Rockstar Finance, which is a great site to check out the latest happenings in the personal finance/frugality world.

The Frugalwoods

Uhm, I adore the Frugalwoods.

They are flipping precious and their writing style is clever and full of little delights. The Frugalwoods are my frugal superheroes, saving 70-80% of their take-home pay. They recently moved from urban Maryland to a 66-acre farm in rural Vermont—and detail their beautiful money-saving adventures in the woods.

Read The Frugalwoods for general frugal shenanigans, income reports, parenting hacks, reader case studies and occasional gardening updates.

The Bottom Line

There are so, so many great personal finance sites out there.

Hopefully one day I can catalog all of the awesomeness that they collectively publish. But in the meantime, enjoy this first list of just a few of my favorite bloggers. It just goes to show you that frugality and early retirement comes in all shapes and sizes; but it’s all about being Picky and doing what’s right for you.

We want to know: What are some of your favorite blogs?

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