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I really do love to complain. It’s one of my most endearing traits. The room is too hot, the food is too bland, that person was too rude, this music is too loud. It’s a beautiful world full of substandard things that irritate my prissy sensibilities, and I like reminding myself of that.

Occasionally I’ll lament over my latest personal tragedy with others. But then something remarkable happens.

I get help.

Sometimes for problems I didn’t think I had. There’s a lot of value in connecting with other people, especially if you’re trying to overcome a problem, big or small.

How Complaining Fixed My Blogging and Baking Issues

One day, I complained to my Dad about how my laptop had seen its last days. It was a MacBook Air (never buying one of those again), and it had finally gone to the Big Junk Heap In The Sky. That meant Mr. Picky Pincher and I had to share a computer. This was especially challenging, since I had just started Picky Pinchers and required a loooot of time on the computer.

As I explained the situation, something wonderful happened. My Dad said, “Well, why don’t you just come pick up my old laptop? I don’t use it any more; you can have it.”

Cue angels singing.

I finally had a functioning laptop, which helped me write a lot more for the blog! Score!

In a separate incident, I was chatting with a coworker about baking. I was having trouble getting a good consistency in my bread dough, since I didn’t have an electric mixer. My coworker said, “Oh! You know, I just got a brand new Kitchenaid, which means I don’t need my old mixer any more. Do you want it? I was just going to donate it.”

Jackpot, baby! Of course, I said yes. And that’s how I got a pretty decent little mixer for free, which meant lots and lots of homemade bread.

Thanks to the power of communication, I was able to make my life easier. Which, in turn, helped the people around me declutter their lives a bit while helping someone out.

The Bottom Line

Complaining isn’t always a good thing. But if you need something, make sure that need is known to the people around you. People can be incredibly resourceful, and you might be surprised at how others can help.

We want to know: Have you benefited from being open about your needs?

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