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Ugh, what a weekend. There was a lot of sickness at the Picky Palace, so we didn’t get too many money-saving activities done. But hey, we made the best of it. πŸ™‚ See what we did this weekend and add yours in the comments!


All of our food adventures were had on Saturday. I feel like we did more than this, but this is what I remember.


After this week’s disappointing garlic bread, I realized we needed to replenish our ciabatta stock in the freezer.

This time I kept a tray of water in the oven the entire time to get a crunchier crust. And it worked! I still need to improve the size of the air holes in the loaves, but they still taste amazing. πŸ™‚


chickpea curry

We bought a mega-pack of dried chickpeas at the store a few weeks ago. I soaked all five pounds of chickpeas and reserved half for later. The other half was turned into our Friday dinner, chickpea curry. It made six extra portions, which I froze for later.

chickpea curry

Old apple

I had an old apple in the fruit bowl that was almost on its last leg. Instead of tossing it or composting it, I peeled the apple and turned it into cinnamon apple slices. It’s just a mixture of butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar. And it’s delish! I plan on topping my oatmeal with this stuff.

Candy festival

On Saturday we met up with Picky Nikki and Picky toddler for an event downtown. Several candy and dessert food trucks organized a “food fight” event for people to taste their wares.

I was particularly interested in a gourmet milkshake truck that I’ve been lowkey stalking for a few months. They’re famous for making cutesy milkshakes and I’ve always wanted to try them. This was my chance to pounce and try their wares!

Caramel chai

Caramel chai

We got two mini milkshakes: one was caramel chai and the other was orange Dreamsicle. The Dreamsicle was horrible (it tasted how sunscreen smells), but the caramel chai was pretty tasteh!

Orange Dreamsicle

Orange Dreamsicle

Free cat tree!

We’re signed up on the site Nextdoor, which we usually monitor to know about traffic or crime in our neighborhood. However! On Sunday evening one neighbor posted that she had a nearly brand-new cat tree that she was giving away.

I pounced on this and within two minutes of the posting, I set up a meeting to get the cat tree. Zap is so rambunctious and it’s been on my list to get him a cat tree, but it was never really in the budget.

But “free” is totally in the budget. πŸ™‚ Cute pics hopefully to come!

Oh hey there, food poisoning!

Ayuuuuup. On Sunday Mr. Picky Pincher and I suffered from a horrific bout of food poisoning. We’re not quite sure what the cause was, but per our Should I Eat That? rules, we plan on tossing anything new we ate in our diet on Saturday. And that includes gourmet milkshakes. Sigh.

We downed Gatorade like there was no tomorrow and ate through our stash of Ritz crackers. We did spend $25 to have pho delivered to our door, since we didn’t have any broth-heavy soups in the house. It sucks to spend the money on delivery fees, but we were in no shape to drive and needed sustenance.

It’s Sunday evening now and we’ve mostly recovered, so I’m thankful this was just a twelve-hour sort of thing. Phew.

Zap’s Adventures

Zap cuddled with us after we were all-clear from food poisoning. How supportive of him. He can be a snugglepuss when he wants to.

Somebody got a new box! It’s a collapsible one and Zap goes bananas over it. Once I accidentally stood on his box and he swatted at my feet until I moved. How possessive.

At the height of my food poisoning despair, Zap decided to attack my collection of baby pictures. Oh, and he also ripped new holes in our cloth blinds. Ugh. I think I may get him some of these kitty claw guards to save our blinds for a while. (P.S. This is the humane alternative to declawing your cat! Please learn more here if you’re considering declawing, which has been declared inhumane.)

I also realized that Zap must have eaten whatever contaminated food we ate (something probably fell on the floor and we didn’t see), so he ALSO had mild food poisoning. There’s nothing like cleaning up kitty shiz when you’re nauseous, y’all.

We want to know: How did you spend or save money this weekend?

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