how i spent my rockstar #givingcard
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What I Did With My Rockstar #GivingCard

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I’ve got a good one for you today, y’all!

I’m an avid reader of Rockstar Finance. It’s a site that consolidates hundreds of personal finance sites and publishes the top articles every day. They also have a neat forum where you can talk money with like-minded frugal folks.

It’s the jackpot for any frugal lady, really. 🙂

But this week it was very special, indeed! Rockstar Finance is now doing the Rockstar Community Fund, which helps Rockstar’s followers do good in their community. I was lucky enough to be given a $20 VISA gift card from Rockstar—the only stipulation being that the money had to help someone in need.

With great power…


Here’s the badass letter that came with the #GivingCard

I was psyched to be included in the program this month. I missed out last month and felt a little sad, so I squealed with glee when I got the confirmation email (Thanks, Rockstar Team!).

But then my head started swimming.

How could I make the best use of this $20? It seemed like such a small amount to me, but I know it could do so much good for those who really need the money. What should I do with the awesome responsibility? Who should I help?

I didn’t know anyone personally who was having a rough time, so that was a bust.

I turned my thoughts to local charities. I thought about donating to my local animal shelter, making blessing bags for the homeless, or donating to the food bank.

Those were all great choices, but I eventually settled on a winner: the battered women’s shelter.

Why this charity?

I have a big heart for pro-woman causes.

In fact, I ran a program with my college that taught battered women career and technology skills. I’ve worked with many of the women at the shelter and I’ve heard their stories. I know for a fact that they need a hand up—and state/federal funding usually isn’t there to make it all happen.

Donatin’ to charity like a hoss.

I donated Rockstar’s $20 to this great cause to give women and their children a safe place. But it’s so much more than that. The battered women’s shelter provides support, healing, and training for women who’ve fallen on tough times.

It’s a cause that’s very near and dear to my heart. I hope this donation helps a powerful woman get back on her feet.

It feels good to do good, y’all! Big shout out to Rockstar Finance for making this happen!

We want to know: If you had $20, what charity would you give it to?

14 comments on “What I Did With My Rockstar #GivingCard

  1. My discretionary dollars are limited so I choose to support the local fire department and rescue squad. These volunteers are heroes.

    1. That’s a wonderful way to support local heroes! Mr. Picky Pincher’s dad is a fire department captain, so we know how hard those fellas work to keep everyone safe.

  2. What an incredible worthy cause. I might have found a local homeless person and taken them to lunch, covering my own meal with my $, and then letting them keep the card with the remainder from theirs.

  3. No wonder you had to think so hard to decide. There are so many good places to use that card, too many. I think I would give it to a homeless shelter, an animal shelter, or to my church’s program that buys and installs water purifier systems in very poor areas — $20 exactly will buy a replacement filter to keep ensuring clean water for families who desperately need it.
    That’s a neat idea, to give away giving cards.

  4. Yay for giving! Obviously, charities love big checks, but that should never mean people with “only” $10 or $20 don’t give when they can! Nice choice. I have a hard time deciding where to give my money as there are umpteen worthy causes. Normally I gravitate towards feeding people (food pantries, shelters, and the like) or giving anonymously to someone I know personally that’s in need.

  5. Awesome! We gave ours to a local family of 9 whose house burned down over the weekend. Their kindergartner and first grader go to school with my middle son. Hopefully it can help them recover from this disaster!

  6. Gosh, I can see why it was hard too. So much choice and so much need. Too many choices can be paralyzing. With $20, I think I would make a donation to my local food bank. I have volunteered for them in the past repackaging donated food, and scanned many a laminated grocery store coupon at checkout to donate a dollar to them. My younger son, a serious sweetie, used to ask me to donate $10 every time we went to the store!

    Although I love the idea of one-on-one connection giving, I feel more comfortable donating to an organization that can use a small sum as “seed money” for bigger projects.

    1. Great choice! I knowww, it was such a hard decision. I really did agonize over this because so many people deserve this money. Bravo for donating to the food bank, too! It sounds like you’re teaching your kiddos the value of giving back, and that’s really something special. 🙂 Exactly! I wasn’t comfortable giving it to someone in person, mostly because I get a little bashful, but I know big lump sums of money can really make a big difference, too.

  7. You made a great choice giving the $20 do the battered womens shelter. I worked along side a few of the (mostly unpaid) volunteers in my previous profession.

    They can use any financial help they can get.

    This is great!

    1. That’s fantastic!! It was really an eye-opening experience to work with such wonderful and strong women. It was so humbling and I’m happy to give them any money that I can; it’s a wonderful cause. 🙂

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