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I’ve got a good one for you today, y’all!

I’m an avid reader of Rockstar Finance. It’s a site that consolidates hundreds of personal finance sites and publishes the top articles every day. They also have a neat forum where you can talk money with like-minded frugal folks.

It’s the jackpot for any frugal lady, really. 🙂

But this week it was very special, indeed! Rockstar Finance is now doing the Rockstar Community Fund, which helps Rockstar’s followers do good in their community. I was lucky enough to be given a $20 VISA gift card from Rockstar—the only stipulation being that the money had to help someone in need.

With great power…


Here’s the badass letter that came with the #GivingCard

I was psyched to be included in the program this month. I missed out last month and felt a little sad, so I squealed with glee when I got the confirmation email (Thanks, Rockstar Team!).

But then my head started swimming.

How could I make the best use of this $20? It seemed like such a small amount to me, but I know it could do so much good for those who really need the money. What should I do with the awesome responsibility? Who should I help?

I didn’t know anyone personally who was having a rough time, so that was a bust.

I turned my thoughts to local charities. I thought about donating to my local animal shelter, making blessing bags for the homeless, or donating to the food bank.

Those were all great choices, but I eventually settled on a winner: the battered women’s shelter.

Why this charity?

I have a big heart for pro-woman causes.

In fact, I ran a program with my college that taught battered women career and technology skills. I’ve worked with many of the women at the shelter and I’ve heard their stories. I know for a fact that they need a hand up—and state/federal funding usually isn’t there to make it all happen.

Donatin’ to charity like a hoss.

I donated Rockstar’s $20 to this great cause to give women and their children a safe place. But it’s so much more than that. The battered women’s shelter provides support, healing, and training for women who’ve fallen on tough times.

It’s a cause that’s very near and dear to my heart. I hope this donation helps a powerful woman get back on her feet.

It feels good to do good, y’all! Big shout out to Rockstar Finance for making this happen!

We want to know: If you had $20, what charity would you give it to?

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