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Hey y’all! It’s time for another week of good eats!

It was an unusual week on the food front. I was out of town from Friday through Tuesday for personal and work travel, so Mr. Picky Pincher had to fend for himself. I have no idea what he ate while I was gone, but when I prepared Wednesday dinner, he said, “Oh god I am so glad you’re back.”


I did eat out quite a bit during my work travel. I thought about cooking meals in my hotel room, but since I was strapped for time and my company was paying, I opted for takeout. Thanks to everyone for sharing your hotel meal ideas in our Facebook Group!

P.S.Β I use MyFreezEasyΒ to get a lot of these freezer meal ideas!

Now here’s what we ate and spent this week!


Breakfast: Nasty La Quinta breakfast.


I stayed at a La Quinta hotel and … it was bad. I’ve never had a problem with this hotel chain before, but this hotel was filthy. I could go on, but it was … just not good.

And the breakfast wasn’t that great, either. I always try to book a hotel that serves breakfast so I can save my company a little money (we’re funded by taxpayer dollars). I thought it would be a great deal, but no. This food was awful. I managed to choke down a Texas-shaped waffle, but I did end up buying a taco at Taco Cabana afterwards.


Lunch: Panda Express. I got a mighty tasty orange chicken bowl with fried rice. I tried to persuade myself to get the vegetables instead of the rice, but it didn’t happen. Oops.

Dinner: Jason’s Deli. I don’t like most of the food at Jason’s Deli, but I adore their salad bar! For $5 I could fill up a to-go container with salad. It was a nice reprieve from my weekend of fast food. Sometimes you just need a salad, y’all.


Breakfast: Starbucks. I absolutely WAS NOT going to eat at La Quinta again, so I wised up and stopped at Starbucks. Yeesh, they sure are overpriced, but the food was good, so I’ll take it.

Lunch: Subway. I left my training at noon and stopped for a sandwich before embarking on my five-hour drive. I’m always surprised at how cheap it is to get a 6 inch sub, chips, and drink here. It was like $6! That’s double our cost per meal at home, but it’s not shabby for the amount of food you get. Deeeelish.

Dinner: Yogurt bowl. I got home right before dinner and didn’t feel like cooking (or heaven forbid, grabbing takeout–gag). I ate a bowl of homemade yogurt with fruit and my homemade granola. It was a perfect break from restaurant food. πŸ™‚


Breakfast: Taco. I really had a tough time adjusting to food at home. I was grossed out by food in general after eating so much on the road that it was hard to have an appetite. I halfheartedly ate a taco and just let my tummy grumble.

Lunch: A sad bowl of cereal.

sad cereal for lunch

I’m kicking myself because I should have gotten a dang footlong Subway sandwich and eaten half of it for lunch. Grah! Oh well. I was hungry and didn’t want to fix anything, so I finished the last of our Cap’n’ Crunch cereal.

Don’t judge.

Dinner: Pesto roasted tomato grilled cheese with tomato bisque soup. Ah, finally! A real meal! I had a chance to recover from my travels by this point and whipped up this tasty meal.

tomato bisque with grilled cheese

I used Vitamix’s tomato bisque recipe (I did have to add salt and more seasoning to make it taste good) and this recipe for the fancypants grilled cheese sandwiches. It was a tasty meal, but it was definitely very decadent. It’s tough to eat that much cheese in one sitting! Next time I think it would go well with a side of broccoli.


Breakfast: Breakfast quesadillas. Another favorite! I pre-cooked the components for the quesadillas on Wednesday night so I could easily throw these together.

breakfast quesadilla

It’s funny because, as I was eating the quesadilla, I thought, “Okay, something is missing. This tastes different…”

I forgot to put scrambled eggs in it!! So really it was just a regular ol’ quesadilla with peppers and bacon. Oops! It really does benefit from having the egg in it.

Lunch: Leftover soup.

Dinner: Pizza with the family! Mr. Picky Pincher’s parents were in town and they brought over a couple of pizzas. We had a great time chillin’ and watching Picky Toddler dance to Moana.


Breakfast: Honey mustard chicken biscuits. I loooove me some honey butter chicken biscuits from Whataburger. I just don’t like that they’re fried and that, well, I have to pay money for them.

I decided to make my own!

honey mustard chicken biscuit

I meant to use canned biscuits for these since Mr. Picky Pincher doesn’t always like my biscuits. We had an, ah, unfortunate incident with the biscuits, however. Mr. Picky Pincher grocery-shopped by himself last weekend and mistakenly stored the biscuits in our pantry instead of the freezer. Surprise! Biscuits will explode if left out. πŸ™‚ Imagine my shock when I found exploded biscuits in the pantry!

Anyhoo, I whipped up some homemade biscuits and baked some Panko chicken strips. For the biscuits, I just made my Ploughman’s scones recipe and left out the cheddar and thyme.

It worked like a charm! I cooked everything the night before and heated the chicken up in the oven at 430 degrees F to make it crispy again. I served it on a warm biscuit with honey mustard (Whataburger adds honey, but I think that’s a little excessive). The chicken was a little overdone, so I’ll have to work on that, but it was still mighty tasty!

And it’s slightly healthier than the Whataburger version. πŸ˜‰

Lunch: Leftover pizza.

Dinner: Mexican street tacos with guacamole. Ole! Tonight we’re keeping it simple with ground beef tacos served with homemade guacamole.

Grocery Costs

Let’s see what we spent this week!

On sale: $3.02

Coupons: $4.47

Total: $80.09

Goals for next week

Yay!!!! We made our $80 goal for the week! We’ve been spendy for the past few weeks, but it was good to see we’re reining it in just a tad. πŸ˜‰ This week was weird for food with the chef (me) gone, but next week will feel more normal with a regular menu.

We want to know: How did you save or spend money this week?

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