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Latest Blog Posts

What A Frugal Weekend! September 24

It was a weekend of weird cheese, killer clowns, and gardening. See how we spent and saved our money and time this weekend.

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What’s For Dinner? September 22

It was another banner week for affordable dinners at home. We had Albuquerque turkey sandwiches, home-grown peas, and more. See what we ate this week!

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Grilling Made Healthy, Easy, and Frugal!

Grilling isn’t just for special occasions. See how my pal Jeff grills ahead of time to eat like a king during the week–all while saving money and time.

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Why We Said ‘No’ To Free Solar Panels

Why on Earth would someone reject free solar panels? Listen to our cautionary tale of not accepting poor service–even if it means spending more money.

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What A Frugal Weekend! September 17

It was a great weekend of wine-making, cooking, and cat-cuddling. We prepped a lot of food to have an easy week. How did you spend or save this weekend?

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