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Ugh! What a gunky, nasty week.

I’ve been under the weather for over a week now and I am SO OVER IT. It’s a particularly nasty annual bout with bronchitis and I had forgotten how much this sucks. I’ve completed a round of steroids and I’m medicated as hell, but I still feel awful.

I’m very, very glad for the weekend, which means I can rest a bit!

Although I didn’t feel super-wonderful, I still wanted to make sure we ate well this week. I hate it when I get sick and we end up eating crap all week. Plus, cooking gave me a distraction from my persistent cough.

P.S. Thank y’all for the kind words! Hopefully the sickness will leave soon and I can move on to more important things! 

Here’s what we ate and spent this week.


Breakfast: Banana Nutella crepes.

I realized we had four bananas that were on their last leg. I’m trying really hard to repurpose food that’s about to spoil so we can save money. And what better way to use up mushy bananas than to stick them in a tasty crepe?

I whipped up this fast batch of crepes on Sunday night and stored them in the fridge. On Monday morning I warmed up the crepes in the pan, scooped a dollop of Nutella in the middle, swirled it around, and topped the filling with bananas. Boom, breakfast!

banana nutella crepes

Lunch: Turkey sandwich and chips. Mr. Picky Pincher and I picked up fried chicken for Sunday dinner because he had just gotten home from out of town–and plus there was NO WAY I was going to cook in my gunky, lethargic state.

Anyhoo, that meant we didn’t have leftovers to eat today. I rifled through the fridge and found fixin’s for a turkey sandwich and salt and vinegar chips. I am not above eating a sandwich when in a pinch! 

turkey sandwich with chips

Dinner: Burgers with sweet potato fries. Mr. Picky Pincher took today off of work to do work around the house.

Since the hubster was home, he treated me to a nice dinner of grilled burgers and sweet potato fries. We had the fries in the freezer and needed to use them up, as well as the hamburger buns. 

burgers with sweet potato fries

If you’re curious, I like to dip my sweet potato fries in a mixture of Ranch dressing and wing sauce. Makes for a perfectly tangy dipping sauce for the sweet potato fries. Mmmm.

Fun fact: I tried to make an avocado-jalapeno aioli for the fries. I added way too much mayonnaise and it just tasted like green mayonnaise. Not good. 


Breakfast: Breakfast sandwiches. I baked the biscuits for these sandwiches during last weekend’s baking jamboree. I like to slice them and then freeze them for easy weekday morning meals.

I also pre-cooked sausage patties and froze them.

The only thing I had to do for these sandwiches this morning was defrost the sausage and biscuit and then cook an egg patty. The egg patties take maybe 60 seconds, so it wasn’t a big fuss. 

breakfast sandwich

These are pretty tasty, easy, and filling! I’ll have to remember to make these whenever we have company over for breakfast, too.

Lunch: Leftover burgers and fries.

Dinner: Italian pasta salad with homemade bruschetta. We’ve made this Italian pasta salad in the past and paired it with a lemon artichoke chicken.

The last time we made it, I looked at Mr. Picky Pincher and said, “Honestly, I just want an entire meal out of this pasta salad.” He wholeheartedly agreed, so we made the pasta salad the star of this meal!

I also used this recipe to make a homemade bruschetta out of tomatoes that were about to spoil. I cut up a baguette and broiled it to get a nice crunch.

I used to toss the parts of the baguette that I didn’t use. Oh the waste and shame! This time I sliced the baguette leftovers into sections and froze them. It’ll come in handy when we make this dish again!

italian pasta salad with bruschetta


Breakfast: Flop Tarts. I baked these gaw-geous homemade Pop Tarts last weekend. They, uh, came out looking a little not on the pretty side, so I’m calling them Flop Tarts.

I really did think these tasted good. Definitely better-tasting than storebought Pop Tarts–and mine are made from strawberries that were going to go bad anyway. 

flop tarts

The ugliest Flop Tart in all the land

Mr. Picky Pincher wasn’t a fan of the flavor of these Flop Tarts, so I’ll have the rest all to myself! Here’s the recipe I used if you want to try making them yourself.

Lunch: Leftover pasta salad.

Dinner: Asian lettuce wraps. I absolutely love this meal. It’s very easy to cook and doesn’t require any super-fancy components; the whole thing comes together in 20 minutes.

These bad boys have ground beef seasoned in Asian sauces, a homemade spicy yogurt sauce, rice noodles, and homemade (and home-grown!) pickled radishes. Soooo goooood.

asian lettuce wraps


Breakfast: Albuquerque turkey sandwiches / more Flop Tarts. We were supposed to have Albuquerque turkey sandwiches for breakfast, but I wasn’t feeling like having one myself. I made a sammich for Mr. Picky Pincher and inhaled another Flop Tart.

Lunch: Leftover lettuce wraps.

Dinner: Roasted sausage and veggies. This is another really simple and affordable meal that I love making. The only downside is that, if I didn’t work from home, it wouldn’t be doable on a weeknight. I have to start baking everything at 4 pm to have it ready for 5:30 dinner. 

I do like that this is a sheet pan dinner, so I only have to wash one thing during cleanup.

The recipe for this varies from week to week, depending on what’s in our fridge. This week, I made this meal with a red bell pepper, two heads of broccoli, an onion, two bulbs of garlic (love me some roasted garlic), tomatoes, carrots, and sausage. I also added calabaza squash to Mr. Picky Pincher’s side of the pan.


Breakfast: Pumpkin cinnamon rolls. I baked these pumpkin cinnamon rolls last weekend in a frantic attempt to use up our frozen pumpkin.

Y’all: we have four Ziploc bags full of roasted pumpkin that I still need to use. And I have a SECOND pumpkin that I still need to break down. Oh lawd!

One reader suggested that I make pumpkin scones, so we’ll see if I’m up to that this weekend. 🙂

Anyhoo, I defrosted these rolls for 90 seconds in the microwave and topped them with a quick vanilla glaze (milk+vanilla extract+powdered sugar). They were mighty tasty!

pumpkin cinnamon rolls

Lunch: Leftover sausage and veggies. Soooo tasty.

Dinner: Tomato cream sliders with rice and broccoli. Tonight we’re cooking one of our favorite meals and I’m so excited!!! It’ll be a good way to see out a long week.

tomato cream sliders

Grocery Costs

Let’s see what we spent this week!

On sale: $1.33

Coupons: $9.18

Total: $127.98

Goals for next week

I’m extremely proud that we ate a nice home-cooked meal each night this week, especially given that I didn’t feel 100%. Pre-cooking our meals really made this a lot easier; choosing the right recipes is also a big help, too.

Our grocery total is a little high for this week, but I have an explanation! We purchased a whole turkey so we could do a practice run for Thanksgiving. We’re hosting Thanksgiving at our home this year and want to make sure everything tastes amazing. Why not do a few practice runs just to make sure?

Anyhoo, the turkey tacked on some extra costs to our grocery bill. The upside is that we can’t finish a whole turkey ourselves, so this’ll produce quite a lot of shredded turkey we can freeze.

Given the turkey adventure, I’m satisfied with where we were at on food costs. For next week I’m already going through our pantry and focusing our meals on existing ingredients to save money.

Let’s do this!

We want to know: How did you save or spend money this week?

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