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Hey there, Picky people! We were out of town Friday through Sunday, but were still able to accomplish quite a few frugal activities!

I sold my PS3, video games, and clothes for extra cash.

We decided to get a nice Blu-Ray/DVD player a month ago, which meant it was time to ditch my old, old PlayStation3. I never play it any more and it was just sucking up energy on our shelf. I listed it on Craigslist a while back, and I was finally able to get a sweet $80 for it.

I also sold some old video games at Gamestop for $7–not great, but it was better than having games I didn’t play. I also sold some of my nicer old clothes at Clothes Mentor, which got me $16 in store credit.

If you have extra stuff lying around your house, try selling it to get some quick cash!

I looked through our library cookbooks for new recipe ideas.

While we have our weekly staples, I like to find new recipes to try out, too. So I leafed through a few cookbooks for new ideas. By far the best one in this batch was From the Ground Up, which has recipes for ground and chopped meats.

The craziest thing I found in this cookbook was a recipe for Creole crawfish macaroni and cheese, which we of course have to try. We’re planning on having it for dinner on Friday, so stay tuned to see how it tastes!

I harvested tuna (also known as prickly pears) for free

We visited Mr. Picky Pincher’s parents this weekend to start planning out our kitchen remodel. They live in a gorgeous home out in the country, and I noticed that they had plenty of fruiting cactus in the backyard. When I worked at a farmer’s market, there was a vendor who made THE MOST AMAZING prickly pear (locally referred to as “tuna”). As an aspiring baker, I wanted to test out a new, local flavor.

I enlisted Mr. Picky Pincher and his dad as my helpers and we went to gathering the wild tuna. The best method was using kitchen tongs to wrestle the fruit off the cactus–while wearing leather gloves to prevent casualties!!

I ended up making a tasty, tart syrup out of these little guys, which I used to top cheesecakes. It was quite an adventure, so I hope to make a separate post about it!

pricky pear tunas

Mr. Picky Pincher made chicken stock and black beans

We were shockingly out of chicken stock last week and had to resort to storebought stock–gasp! So this week Mr. Picky Pincher got two whole chickens to make stock. We started buying the Certified Humane chickens and they are sooo much better than conventional chickens. They’re actually chicken-sized, and not gigantic. They’re also easier to butcher and they have a superior texture and flavor. They’re more expensive than conventional chickens, but we think it’s worth the cost.

Mr. Picky Pincher also made a batch of slow cooker black beans this weekend, since he wasn’t a fan of the last batch. The trick to these is cooking them down with salt pork!

We took advantage of a Labor Day paint special

God willing, we close on our house this Thursday!! It’s been such a stressful adventure, but I’ll be thankful just to get the keys in our Picky little hands. We plan on painting the house next weekend, which is perfectly timed with a great paint sale at Lowe’s for labor day.

With the amount of paint we’re buying, we’ll end up saving $50 with a rebate! Since we were going to buy paint this week anyway, I consider that a win. 🙂

I bought well-fitting, high quality clothes


There’s something I didn’t think about when I started my exercise regimen. Your muscles get waaaay bigger. And for me, it’s gotten to the point where my thighs and booty don’t fit in my pants any more! That’s not great for my self-esteem, so I’ve been wanting to buy some better-fitting clothes for a while now.

So I took the cash I earned from selling my clothes, video games, and PS3 and treated myself to a mini shopping trip at Clothes Mentor.

For $65, I managed to score 3 pairs of jeans (the brands were Virgo, Levi’s, and Ralph Lauren), a pair of (brand new!) Victoria’s Secret yoga pants, a pair of shorts, and 3 pairs of shoes.

I really prefer these higher quality thrift store pieces to new retail pieces. They’ve already been broken in for me, and the cost is absolutely awesome! I think the most expensive item I bought was $16. I did have to dig quite a bit to find clothes that would fit me, but I ended up walking away with quality clothes for a fraction of their retail price.

mrs. picky pincher's labor day clothes mentor haul

I made cheesecake!

I decided to make a cheesecake as this week’s sweet treat. I always bake mine in mini tins, so that way each cheesecake is perfectly portioned as either a snack or a full-on dessert. I paired the cheesecake with the tuna syrup, which makes a sweet, tangy, tart treat. Yummm!

homemade mini cheesecakes

I made french toast from leftover bread

I was hungry this morning and was trying to brainstorm a quick breakfast. We had half a loaf of sliced bread leftover in the fridge, so I decided to turn it into french toast.

I was so simple and flavorful; even Mr. Picky Pincher ate some! I combined 2 eggs, half a cup of milk, 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Naturally I served it with a fancy sliced strawberry and syrup. Beautiful!

homemade french toast

We want to know: What did you do to save money this weekend?


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