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Ahh, what a weekend!

Mr. Picky Pincher was home for the first weekend in a while, so we were able to have plenty of shenanigans during our time off. It’s funny, we got plenty accomplished during the weekend, but still feel like we were lazing around.

I think next weekend we want to get out of the house a bit more. We’re gettin’ cabin fever!

Without further ado, here’s how we spent our money and time this weekend.

Beer me!

Mr. Picky Pincher brewed a batch of beer with his new see-through carboy (here on Amazon if you want to check it out). We got him a carboy since we started brewing wine in his beer buckets. It’s not great to mix beer- and wine-brewing supplies if you don’t have to, so we got him this nifty li’l thing.

He brewed an ale using a kit he got from a Northern Brewer bi-annual sale. In two weeks, this beer will be ready for bottling!

We’ve crunched the numbers and brewing beer at home is about half the cost of paying for beer at the store. Sure, it takes work and time, but if you enjoy brewing, why not do it and save a buck? πŸ™‚



Mr. Picky Pincher grew up eating and drinking all kinds of Mexican and Tex-Mex foods. He particularly loves horchata, which is a soaked rice drink. He got the recipe for homemade horchata from a coworker and whipped up a batch.

It was pretty simple: the horchata was just sugar, water, rice, ground almonds, and cinnamon soaked overnight.

I have NEVER liked horchata. It makes me gag.

But Mr. Picky Pincher was pretty satisfied with his homemade concoction and gleefully sipped it all day Sunday. I love finding ways to make this stuff at home so we don’t have to buy it! The best part? We can make horchata with ingredients that are always in our pantry anyway.

Pumpkin muffins

On Sunday I was feeling absolutely lazy and out of it. I decided a bit of baking would be good to snap out of my daze. I used this recipe for pumpkin cheesecake muffins. I’m slowly working my way through the bags and bags of pumpkin I roasted and froze a few weeks ago, so this was a perfect fit.

It wasn’t until I was halfway through this recipe that I realized our cream cheese was growing all kinds of ~fascinating~ mold. So yeah, I meant to make pumpkin cheesecake muffins, but they ended up as just regular ol’ pumpkin muffins. Sans cheesecake.

I was more than a little disappointed. My inner annoying white girl was screaming, “PUMPKIN SPICE CHEEESECAAAAAAKE, Y’AAAAAALLL.”

But oh well! The muffins came out great with a crunchy crumb topping. Once they cooled I froze them for easy weekday breakfasts.Β 

Fruit drying

We had a pound of strawberries in the fridge that was on its last leg. Instead of composting or tossing them in the trash, I sliced the berries and dried them in our dehydrator (on Amazon if you want to check it out).Β 

We plan to use the dried fruit in our homemade oatmeal packets. It would also be tasty in granola!

Rosemary pumpkin bread

For those of you in our Facebook group, you might have seen today’s “Guess What’s In The Mixer” post. We had a lot of wonderful guesses, but the answer still eluded our group! The answer? I was baking some rosemary pumpkin bread.

I used this recipe for the bread. I needed another excuse to use more pumpkin and searched around Pinterest for ideas. I LOVE that this pumpkin bread idea didn’t involve making more sweets and that we could actually eat these with dinner.

I thought these pumpkin rolls would have more flavor, but they honestly just tasted like a potato roll to me. Even the rosemary didn’t jazz it up very much. But hey, if you’re trying to use up pumpkin and want some rolls, these are still mighty tasty.

Decorating fest!

I am one of those horribly annoying people who loves the holidays. I get way too into Halloween and blare Christmas music the second Thanksgiving is over. I’m trying to be better about prepping for the holidays this year so I don’t feel stressed and frazzled at the last minute.

After seeing some awesome Pinterest Christmas ideas, I decided to whip up a Christmas wreath for our front door. I swung by Dollar Tree and spent $10 on supplies for the wreath. It came out beautifully!

Lots and lots and lots of glitter, y’all. πŸ™‚

I also finished up the Halloween wreath and hung it on our front door. Feels good to get into the spirit!

Frugal Fails

We finished up a few projects this weekend that, looking back, weren’t super-frugal. They were still fun and I’m glad we did them, but were they money-saving ventures? Eh, not really.

Tire chair

Back in September we rescued a tire from a neighbor’s trash pile. I’d been wanting to make a tire chair for a while, and this was my chance! This weekend I finally finished up the chair. It took so long because Mr. Picky Pincher had to use his dad’s saw to cut a wooden base for the cushion.

The internet promised me this would be an “easy” DIY. It was NOT an easy DIY. You probably couldn’t get this done yourself unless you had a shop and some tools on hand already. Here’s the tutorial I used if you feel like really getting into an intensive DIY.Β 

Anyhoo, I’m very happy the chair is finally done! Hallelujah!

However, we spent at least $40 in materials for this chair. For $40 I could have just BOUGHT a decent chair somewhere.

We plan to put the tire chair in our bonus room and use it for meditating.

My fingers are totally covered in gross, dirty tire. Guess I didn’t wash it as well as I thought I did!

Halloween costume

Mr. Picky Pincher adores obscure yet badass Halloween costumes. This year, he purchased a pattern off Etsy for a few awesome paper masks. I thought, “All riiiight! A cool costume that’s made out of cheap paper!”

Welp, after buying the patterns and paper, we were in about $40 (curse you, fancy paper at Hobby Lobby!). So, while the masks look AWESOME, they weren’t the most affordable endeavor.

But, like, isn’t this cool, y’all? Mr. Picky Pincher made this himself with just the templates.

The $65 pair of flip-flops

Flip flops are year-round shoes for our part of Texas. I’ve worn my existing pair of black flip flops nearly into the ground. They’ve started leaving black gunk on my feet when I wear them, which means it’s time for a new pair of flip flops.Β 

Instead of buying my usual $10 cheapo pair at Payless, I decided to upgrade. I wanted a pair of shoes that would remain comfortable for a long time and not wear out every year.

We swung by REI to try on some of their shoes. I fell in love with a pair of Olukai brand sandals, but they didn’t have the color and size I wanted. Instead of settling for ugly ol’ brown flip flops, I went home and looked for them online.

I SCOURED the internet to find them cheaper than the $65 price tag at REI, but it seems that was the going rate for these shoes. I ordered this pair on Amazon and dropped the $65.

Sure, it cost $65, but these shoes should last years and maintain their comfort and shape. I’m all about spending a little more money on a better quality item.

Free book!

I love free things! I was having a chat with my boss a few weeks ago and she recommended that I read the book “Contagious” by Jonah Berger (Amazon link here). I’d heard of other bloggers recommending it, so my interest was piqued.

I had planned to listen to the book for free through my library’s audiobook collection, but to my surprise, my boss sent me a free copy!

Zap’s Adventures

I’ve been sleeping with a humidifier to minimize my coughing. I plugged it in to get ready for bed, and I found Zap inspecting it. He was curious about the steam and kept putting his paw up to it, then licking off the moisture.

This freakin’ cat is the cutest freakin’ cat oh mah gee. πŸ™‚ He laid on me and I cradled him like a widdle baby.

I had taken a nap during my Friday lunch break. When I returned to my office, Zap was waiting for me. πŸ™‚

Zap has these moments where he freaks out and meows constantly. I check if he has food, water, toys, and even access to the outside. He has everything he could want, and yet he shrieks and shrieks. Finally, I got fed up, and wrapped him in my hoodie like a baby kangaroo.

We want to know: How did you save or spend money this weekend?Β 

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