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Oh hey there! Are you new to Picky Pinchers? If so, you're at the perfect place. Check out these resources and blogs to get up to speed with our frugal shenanigans.

Well hey there!

You must be new around here! You’ve come to the right page, my friend. I’ve put together 25 blogs that are perfect for Picky Pinchers newcomers. They explain more about our mindset and approach to money (with plenty of hilarious hi-jinks sprinkled in there, of course).

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25 Blogs To Get You Started

  1. What does “frugal” mean, anyway?
  2. Your pants need to be on FIRE
  3. What we pay good money for
  4. Be a mistake factory
  5. Expect the unexpected expenses
  6. What it means to quantify everything
  7. How to stop fighting over money
  8. On simple delights and little moments
  9. It does not take ten years to pay off student loans
  10. The benefits of part-time vegetarianism
  11. How to stay positive when life kicks you in the throat
  12. How excuses made us poor
  13. What’s the best way to pay off debt?
  14. How complaining about life has saved me money
  15. The sneaky cost of convenience
  16. What our “bare minimum” looks like
  17. How I finally conquered impulse shopping
  18. How frugality has ruined us
  19. Save money with kindness
  20. Things that don’t actually matter
  21. How I get all of my DVDs and books for free
  22. How to coupon–the right way
  23. Why I buy six-dollar eggs
  24. I don’t have cable. Here’s how I stay sane
  25. The wonder that is the bulk foods aisle

Hey there! My name is Mrs. Picky Pincher. I’m here to help you eliminate debt and save money with plenty of Texas sass.
Check out my blog for frugal living and personal finance tips–with plenty of cat pictures sprinkled in along the way, of course.

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