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I broke one of my cardinal Picky rules this week.

I bought coffee from Starbucks. Cue crowds booing and hissing, “Burn the spendy lady!”

Bah, I know, what a frugal fail! It was one of the rare days when I forgot to brew coffee at home and found myself stranded at work, sans coffee, on an island full of caffeinated morning people.

I purchased a tall black iced coffee at Starbucks to survive. The total cost? $3!

I make my own coffee at home for an average of 4 cents a cup, so I’m always astounded by coffee shop prices. But hey, people need to make a living, and I was being a consumer sucka, so the $3 cost comes with the territory.

However, this gave me an idea. Why not make my own damn iced coffee? Why pay $3 for something I can make for 10 cents or less?

I embarked on a quest, which ended in a delicious iced coffee recipe.

How to Make Coffee As Cold As Your Boss’s Heart

There are a lot of little tips out there on how to make your own iced coffee. Some people use an iced coffee machine. Some people use a humble pitcher and coffee filters. I, however, use the laziest of these methods with the most minimal amount of cleanup and maintenance.

The French press.

The French press is my go-to method of brewing coffee when we have company (I prefer Aeropress for single cups). If a French press can make great hot coffee, then it can also make damn tasty cold coffee.

Here’s a lazy lady’s guide to easy cold brew coffee.

Step 1: Buy whole coffee beans that are slap-go-grandma tasty. I like Ruta Maya beans myself.

Step 2: Grind the whole coffee beans with my ceramic hand grinder. I make sure to use a coarse setting so the coffee won’t become sludge in the French press.

Step 3: Pour the coffee grounds into the French press.

Step 4: Fill the French press with COLD water.

Step 5: Put the lid on the French press without plunging.

Step 6: Get a good night’s sleep!

Step 7: Wake up, plunge the coffee, pour, and enjoy!

All I have to do for cleanup is toss the coffee grounds in our compost bin and rinse the French press with hot water. Easy!

The big upside to cold brew coffee is that it’s ready to drink as soon as I wake up. There’s zero work to do in the morning when I’m in Zombie Mode, and it makes for a smoother day. 

I’ve also realized that my cold brew coffee tends to be stronger than hot coffee, so if you’re really needing a jolt, this stuff is for you. If you find it too strong, you can always dilute the cold brew with milk or water. 

The Bottom Line

It’s hard to be perfectly frugal all the time. It’s important to learn from mistakes (especially $3 mistakes!) to find new ways to save money. Give cold brew coffee a try if you’re looking to save time and money on your morning dose of caffeine.

We want to know: How do you save money on your daily vices? 

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