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We’ve all had that daydream: a boss or coworker says that one thing that finally pushes you over the edge. You stand on your desk, give everyone the one-fingered salute and say, “I QUIT. BAHAHAHA. I FUH-REAKIN’ QUITTTTT.”

I just had one of those daydreams this week and it felt sooooo good. I got unfair feedback at work that was, frankly, quite rude, and I thought, “Yup, I’m done with you people.”

But wait! There’s that small inconvenience of, y’know, needing a job to pay off debt and generally buy things. Hrmph. That’s when the daydream ends and I slink back in my chair, bracing for the next berating.

How to not quit your job

I get it, y’all. Bosses and coworkers aren’t always wonderful. Maybe you hit the jackpot and have a really great boss (lucky you!), but many of us aren’t so lucky. The temptation to quit your job and tempting, but it’s not the best financial move, of course.

Here’s how I stay at my job, regardless of my daydreams of quitting in a blaze of glory.

Be the logical one

Raise your hand if you’ve worked with a “crazy” person.

Yeah, we’ve all probably had that person at work, whether it was a coworker or boss, who seemed like they escaped the loony bin. They throw tantrums, derail meetings, send horrible emails, and generally act like a deranged toddler in a suit.

In my experience, it’s unhealthy to engage with the craziness. I had one coworker who riled me up so bad that I fell for her craziness every time–and it only made me look bad.

To save face and actually be productive at work, you have to be the logical person. It totally, totally sucks, because you’re rarely, if ever, rewarded for being the logical person focused on the task at hand.

90% of all frustrations at work come from miscommunications (this is a very scientific made-up number, y’all). Instead of joining the freakout, define where the communication breakdown happened, clarify misinformation, and take care of bid’ness.

Be the logical person instead of giving in to the “I’M GONNA FRIGGIN’ QUIT” impulses that pop up oh-too-often.

Go for a walk

Instead of tossing my laptop across the room, I decide to go on walks. I work from home now, so that can be as simple as taking a stroll through my yard or going to check the mail. If you can swing it, separate yourself from Beverly’s rude email and get away from your workspace. The new environment will help you think more clearly and respond calmly.

You know, instead of telling Beverly to file her own damn TPS reports.

Listen to relaxing music

Music really does soothe the soul. If you’re having an “I’m going to walk out of here right now, I swear” moment, put in your headphones and listen to 5 minutes of whale calls. Or, your know, something relaxing. If you aren’t allowed to have headphones at work, you can always take an extended bathroom break and cool down in there with some Enya.

The bottom line

I freely admit that I have a hot temper when it comes to work. Few people love to work, but it’s important to at least be okay with work. After all, jobs are the big, big important tool we use to achieve FIRE in the first place. Sometimes you have to stick out the tough, stomach-churning times at work to stay on track with your money goals. It’s all about staying the course and remembering why you’re on the journey in the first place.

We want to know: What’s your favorite job-quitting daydream? I’m curious. πŸ™‚

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