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Are you looking for a way to eat better without busting your food budget?

Back in the summer of 2015, I was in the same pickle. My husband and I were spending a whopping $1,000 a month on groceries. We were desperate to save money on our food budget, while cooking meals that our Picky palates would enjoy.

After a lot of work, we’ve learned how to make home cooking actually work for today’s busy-as-hell lifestyle, slashing our grocery budget down to just $400 a month.

The Picky Pinchers Cookbook is the culmination of years of experimenting with recipes and meals. This online cookbook will share tried-and-true recipes that are absolutely scrumptious and budget-friendly.

Here’s why The Picky Pinchers Cookbook is different from what you’ve already tried

  • These recipes are super budget-friendly. After all, who has the funds (or time) to cook filet mignon at home? These recipes are designed for a modest, realistic food budget.
  • Includes plenty of crave-worthy healthy recipes. Healthy eating is an important part of eating on a budget. Know what’s in your food with our recipes for healthy staples and mouthwatering dinners that’ll make you say, “More chickpeas, please!”
  • This is a cookbook that is on the move with you. Read on any PDF-enabled device. Don’t worry about smearing spaghetti sauce on a paper cookbook ever again.
  • You don’t need to scour the internet to find recipes that will actually taste good.  There are a lot of dud recipes out there. The Picky Pinchers cookbook gives you 66 Picky eater-approved recipes for breakfast, dinner, snacks, party food, and dessert that are actually good.
  • All recipes have been tested and tested by regular home cooks just like you. There’s no fancy equipment or crazy culinary knowledge needed here.

Are you ready to put some zazzle in your kitchen without breaking the bank?

Learn how to finally eat well on a budget.


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