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I believe that the good life doesn’t come from your bank account. It’s all about establishing positive habits and goodness into daily life. Mr. Picky Pincher and I have started one life-changing daily habit that’s helped us both so much.

And the best part? It’s free!

Starting in July, we began taking a nightly 2-mile walk together through our neighborhood. We took this time to chat about our day, make our Picky plans, and enjoy nature. The walks stretched our legs, got us outside, and helped us forget about the stresses of the workday. It was so much fun that we were totally bummed if it rained or if other plans prevented our one-hour evening walk.

After a few months of moving more regularly, I’ve seen some awesome results. Here’s why moving more has been great for our lives and bank account.

The benefits of regular movement

I should also note that, since I work from home now, I also have the benefit of working at a standing desk all week. Paired with our nightly walks, this has been awesome in so many aspects of my life. I’m fortunate that I don’t spend the majority of my day sitting any more.

More energy

I’ve found that exercise is a catch-22. I don’t want to exercise when I’m tired, but exercise is actually what I need to be doing to have more energy. Argh!

Well, when you integrate movement into your daily routine, it’s easy to have more energy. I’m able to be so much more productive in the evenings after work, all thanks to our walks. I get my heart rate up (we live in a hilly area) and leave the air-conditioned coolness of my home to see the real world. In this digital age, that’s an invigorating experience.

A better connection

When we aren’t admiring the chirps of baby birds or petting neighborhood cats, Mr. Picky Pincher and I chat. We talk about work, about family, and anything on our minds. It’s been a fantastic way to encourage communication in our hectic lives.

The big upside to increased communication is that we’re able to make plans. We’re less likely to make mistakes or have impulse buys, because everything is already planned in advance. We talk money and life plans during our walks, so nothing is done on a whim. We make the time to optimize our plans for our financial goals.

Health and fitness

We used to spend hours in front of the TV on weeknights, drained from the workday. We did absolutely nothing productive or positive with our time. We’d also imbibe a few beers or glasses of wine, too.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with vegging out now and then. But every night? That’s a recipe for a flabby belly, soft mind, and drained finances. Those beverages and snacks really add up, too.

A happy consequence of our daily walk is our health and fitness. I have Restless Leg Syndrome and our regular movement has done wonders for managing my symptoms. I’m much happier and more comfortable thanks to regular movement. I’m also able to sleep better, too. I haven’t necessarily noticed any weight loss benefits from daily walks, but a hike in the 100+ degree heat definitely burns more calories than lounging on the couch.

The bottom line

The doctors keep saying that we don’t get enough exercise–and I believe it. It’s all too easy these days to sit down and stare at our screens. That’s okay every now and then, but we need to be moving a lot more. I’ve been so much happier now that I’ve made movement a part of my daily routine. It’s enabled me to feel healthier and save a few bucks, too.

We want to know: Do you move regularly?

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