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Hey there, Picky people! We were rained in yet again this weekend, so many frugal shenanigans were had at the Picky Palace–most of which involved food. See how we saved money this weekend!

I made yogurt

We finally ran out of yogurt, so I made a fresh batch on Saturday night. I experimented a bit with my process and simplified it a bit. Updated recipe to come on this!

I got sort-of free stuff in the mail

Something weird happened on Friday. When I checked mail, we’d received a small package. I didn’t even look at the recipient before opening the box and realized it was intended for the previous occupant of our house. She mistakenly sent beauty products to her old address. Oops!

I wasn’t sure what to do. The previous owners didn’t leave a forwarding address. I called the beauty company and asked what I should do. “Oh, huh. That’s weird. Well, just go ahead and throw that stuff away. We’ll contact her and let her know that we’ll send her a new box,” the rep said.

I was about to toss the products in the trash until I thought, “What the hell am I doing?!”free stuff from the mail

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I scored free one-use conditioner and shampoo, as well as a free pair of rubber gloves. Waste not!

We bought a crapton of pasta

Mr. Picky Pincher used his keenly trained eye to spy a fire sale on pasta at the grocery store Saturday morning. Pasta normally goes for $1 a bag, but HEB ran a buy one get one free sale, so we stocked up!

We replenished our supply of spaghetti, penne, and spiral pasta. HEB does this sale twice a year, so hopefully we can get by for some time with these.

on sale pasta


Zap had adventures

It wouldn’t be a fun weekend without Zap’s mischievous adventures. See what our little furball got into this weekend. You can follow me on Instagram for more of his shenanigans.

*Someone* got stuck in a bra while romping through our laundry. This was his “Halp me, mama” face.

Zap enjoys playing with the packaging from our new dishwasher. He doesn’t think we can see him when he hides under the plastic.

zap the kitten the purrito

A snuggly lil’ purrito.


Mr. Picky Pincher cooked a lot of stuff!

Mr. Picky Pincher was a badass this weekend, as usual. He wanted to create Mr. Picky Pincher-friendly freezer meals, so he cooked king ranch chicken and beef and mushroom soup.

He also boiled down some old chicken bones for a day to make ultra-flavorful chicken stock. I hate hate hate the smell of chicken boiling, but it’s nice to have a lotta stock on hand.

chicken broth

In fact, Mr. Picky Pincher has been busy filling our reach-in freezer. Check it out!

a full freezer

I baked focaccia

Earlier this week I made rosemary olive oil (I just stewed fresh rosemary sprigs in 2 cups of olive oil in a crock pot on low all day). It smelled delicious but we weren’t sure what to serve it with. And thus I got the idea to bake some tasty, warm, delicious focaccia bread.

Since I’ve never baked this bread before, I used an Anne Burrell recipe. It did take some time to make the bread, but it was pretty easy and tasty!

homemade focaccia bread

I made ricotta cheese

I mistakenly bought a half-gallon of milk at the store when we already had milk. D’oh! To use up this milk, I turned it into ricotta cheese.

I just brought the half-gallon of milk to 200 degrees Fahrenheit on the stove. Once it reached temperature, I poured 1/3 cup of white vinegar into the milk. The vinegar causes the milk to separate into curds and whey after 5 minutes. I strained the whey from the milk and was left with fluffy ricotta. I seasoned the ricotta with salt and pepper.

homemade ricotta cheese

I had all the makings of a fancy Italian snack! I served the warm focaccia with the rosemary olive oil and homemade ricotta. Bellisima!

I made mayonnaise and didn’t hate it

Spoiler alert: I’m a Picky eater and I despise mayonnaise. I honestly don’t think mayonnaise has any place on this green Earth. I hate hate hate it.

Anyway, next week we plan on cooking Southwest chicken club sandwiches, which call for chipotle mayonnaise.

However! Mayo costs $3 at the grocery store, which is kind of expensive for a food I hate anyway. I was inspired by Frugal Girl making her own mayo, so I took the plunge myself. I used this Alton Brown recipe for homemade mayo.

chipotle mayonnaise

It was surprisingly tasty, y’all!

As it turns out, I just hate store bought mayo. It cost probably $1 to whip this stuff up, so it was tastier and cheaper. To turn my homemade mayo into chipotle mayo, I just seeded and chopped one chipotle pepper and blended it with the mayo. Easy peasy! This packs some heat but it should be mighty tasty on our sandwiches.

The moral of the story is that I’m never buying mayonnaise ever again. πŸ™‚

I baked cinnamon twists

It wouldn’t be a frugal weekend without baking a sweet treat, right?

Frugal Girl made some tasty cinnamon twists earlier this weekΒ and they looked super tasty. I didn’t feel like making muffins, but these cinnamon twists looked like the perfect solution for busy weekday morning breakfasts.

The cinnamon twists were pretty easy to bake and I froze them for easy weekday morning meals.

Thanks for the recipe, Frugal Girl!

cinnamon twists

Homemade air freshener

I’ve been looking for a homemade air freshener DIY for a while. It’s taken sooo long to find something that doesn’t call for fabric softener (what the hell, guys?) or candle wax. I wanted a natural, non-toxic alternative that was cheap to make.

Well, I was trolling on Pinterest and found a great tutorial on a homemade air freshener! You can check it out on my Pinterest board, Money-Saving Crafts.

It took two minutes. I scented mine with fresh rosemary from our yard and lavender essential oil. Easy peasy. Our room now smells like a lush meadow instead of the inside of a sock.

homemade air freshener

We want to know: How did you save money this week?

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