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Welcome to the “What’s for Dinner?” series here at Picky Pinchers. We’ll show you our family’s menu for the week as well as our food costs. We hope this helps you figure out how to eat frugally; it also helps us troubleshoot our own Picky problems as we try to lower our ghastly $800/month grocery bill. We’re slowly but surely reining in our food costs, but it’s a journey that requires constant vigilance!

The Menu


Breakfast: Scrambled egg, sun-dried tomato, and goat cheese flatbread. I got inspiration from this month’s Food Network magazine and decided to give this a whirl!

Lunch:Meatloaf with macaroni and cheese and glazed carrots

Dinner: Minestrone soup with grilled cheese



Breakfast: Peanut butter banana English muffin bread with yogurt

Lunch: Leftover minestrone soup

Dinner: Sloppy joes with corn


Breakfast: Pancakes

Lunch: Leftover sloppy joes

Dinner: Orange chicken and rice and miso soup



Breakfast: Breakfast bake with a smoothie

Lunch: Leftover orange chicken

Dinner: Corned beef hash

corned beef hash


Breakfast: Flatbread OR Breakfast sandwich with a smoothie

Lunch: Leftover corned beef hash

Dinner: Meatball pizza

Grocery List and Costs

Green beans $1.79

Red bell pepper $0.50

Bananas $1.20

Onions $2.03

Garlic $1.56

Hot house cucumbers (for pickling!) $1.28

Roma tomatoes $2.13

Spinach-arugula salad mix $3.98

Blackberries $1.49

Red wine $2.99

Corned beef $12.89

Navel oranges $1.60

Jalapeno $0.08

Yellow squash $0.55

Zucchini $0.73

Green bell pepper $0.68

Russet potatoes $1.97

Lemon juice $0.88

Carrots $1.28

Corn $1

Cabbage (for sauerkraut!) $1.06

Flour $1.72

Small elbow pasta $0.98

Large elbow pasta $0.98

Oregano $1.76

Black beans $1.18

Granola $4.53

Cheddar cheese $4.22

Mozzarella cheese $4.44

Mexican cheese $2.22

White chocolate bark $2.98

Swiss cheese $2.50

Dried apricots $2.68

Sugar $2.22

Rotel $1.26

Sun-dried tomatoes $2.69

Frosting $3.28

Kombucha $3.49 (Mr. Picky Pincher is making homemade kombucha and needed starter bacteria for it. More to come on this!)

Salt pork $2.10

Little Debbie cakes $4.76

Chips $5.96 (still working on the chips addiction)

Milk $1.50

Eggs $5.95

Hamburger buns $0.88

Pizza crusts $2.99

Ground beef $7.13

Whole chickens $12.59

Celery $1.14

Pears $2.10

Total for this week: $131.90

Goals for Next Week

Yiiiiiiiikes!!! This was one heck of an expensive week for food! Since this week was meat and cheese-based dishes, I have a feeling that these expenses were the reason for our obscenely large grocery bill. Next week we’re going to try for a better mix between vegetarian and meat-and-potatoes-loving dinners. Next week’s goal is to try to stay under $100 for our grocery bill!

What’s on your menu this week?

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