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Hey, hey, hey, it’s Friday! We got even more great news this week and ate great food along the way. Our meals weren’t Earth-shattering or anything, but they kept us fed and happy.

Here’s what we ate this week; add your delicious dinner ideas in the comments.

Did you try a new recipe this week? Let me know in the comments!

Monday: Brussels sprout pasta

I know, I know. We had this pasta last week. But you can’t beat an old favorite. This brussels sprout pasta uses fresh brussels sprouts to make a heavenly creamy and cheap dinner.

I’m sure you could use a different hardy vegetable if you needed to clean out the pantry. Just sayin’.

Here’s the recipe. 

Tuesday: Instant Pot butter chicken

Butter chicken is a famous Indian dish. Mr. Picky Pincher tears this stuff up, but I confess it isn’t my favorite.

Still, in the spirit of matrimonial bliss, sometimes I put meals on the menu that aren’t my favorite. 😉

This one-pot meal comes together quickly in an Instant Pot (Amazon link here), which means you only have to clean ONE thing after dinner. How magical.

Here’s the recipe. 

Wednesday: Southwest turkey club sandwiches

I LOVE doing sandwiches for dinner. The problem is that hubs and I are very Picky eaters. It’s hard for us to agree on a sandwich we both love. But fortunately, there is one sandwich we adore: the Southwest turkey club.

This homemade sandwich includes:

  • Deli turkey breast (2 pieces per sandwich)
  • A slice of sharp cheddar cheese
  • Mashed avocado
  • Light smearing of mayo
  • Secret ingredient: Laughing Cow chipotle spreadable cheese. This will change your life.
  • Bacon
  • Lettuce

It takes maybe 5 minutes to assemble these sandwiches and they keep very well as leftovers.

And old photo to give you an idea.

Thursday: Whatever!

I’ve been having one of “those weeks.” Nothing bad happened (actually, lots of good stuff happened!), but I still feel “blah” for some reason. My work has been hectic and I’ve been so tired! That’s the danger of freelancing, folks.

Anyhoo, I really wasn’t up for cooking tonight, so we just scrounged.

Hubs ate a leftover portion of butter chicken and I made a green smoothie.

strawberry avocado smoothie

Friday: Wing stop

Yup, we’re eating out tonight!

As you might have read, hubs passed his certification test last week. It’s a big, big, freakin’ deal, guys.

Because of that certification, hubs got a very generous promotion at work this week. Mr. Picky Pincher is such a smart cookie and I’m so proud of his hard work! His promotion will also accelerate our money plans, so it’s neat stuff all around. We’re very lucky and couldn’t have gotten here without a lot of help.

We’re celebrating Mr. Picky Pincher’s promotion tonight with one of his favorite restaurant meals: wings. Best of all, that means no cooking or dishes for the two of us. 🙂

We want to know: How did you stay frugal this week?

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