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Oh MAN, what a week, y’all. Sorry for missing last weekend’s post. We visited my sister in Oklahoma and the travel is just a killer! But don’t fret—I kept track of our meals despite it being a rough ‘n’ tough sort of week.

In spite of a crazy work week, sickness, and general chaos, we managed to eat well and cheaply. See what we ate this week!

Did you try a new recipe this week? Let me know in the comments!

Monday: Penne Bolognese

We got home from Oklahoma around 3 pm. (We left at 8 am, mind you!) We were exhausted but didn’t want to spend money on takeout.

After rummaging through the freezer, I found a few portions of frozen Italian sausage Bolognese sauce. We had juuuust enough penne pasta in the pantry to make this work.

I melted the sauce in a pot and boiled the pasta. Boom! Dinner was served without fuss. This is why I love freezing extra food; you never know when it will come in handy.

Here’s the recipe. 

Tuesday: Adobo chicken tacos with homemade beans

This one-pot recipe is super easy and delicious! Although the recipe isn’t actually for tacos, I find the chicken meat is way easier to consume in taco form.

I found a container of frozen homemade beans in the freezer that I used as our side.

I did change things up this time, though! I’ve always thought this chicken needed a sauce. After rummaging through the fridge, I realized I had all the fixin’s needed to make a Mexican crema sauce. I usually serve this sauce with elote (Mexican street corn), but I knew it would be awesome with this meal.

I didn’t have Mexican cheese, so I subbed it for feta and no one died.

Here’s the recipe (scroll down for it). 

Oh, and here’s the recipe for the bangin’ sauce! Just omit the corn.

Wednesday: Tortellini minestrone

This hearty soup is perfect for the winter, but it’s a good change of pace in the hotter months, too.

I always buy frozen tortellini because it’s a quarter of the price of the fancy pasta near the deli. Always poke around the store to find cheaper alternatives!

We didn’t have canned tomatoes (oops), so instead I used a boatload of homemade marinara sauce. It tasted great and I couldn’t tell the difference.

If you’re ever in a pinch, some beef bouillon, water, and marinara sauce make a great soup base.

Here’s the recipe. 

Thursday: Creamy garlic butter chicken

Okay, y’all. I found this recipe on YouTube and I knew it was going to rock my world. And it did!

It takes a little longer to cook than a lot of recipes. I would recommend this as a Sunday dinner since it requires about two hours of cooking (too much for a weeknight for most people).

But it was so worth it! The cream sauce is so flavorful. The chicken was perfectly seasoned and moist. Plus, I couldn’t even tell there was a whole bag of spinach in it. Sooo tasty!

You could chop the spinach a little smaller and it would be a great, kid-friendly dinner.

Here’s the recipe.

Friday: Bacon brussels sprout pasta

This is an oldie that we love. If you have bacon cooked ahead of time, this one-pot meal takes little time to put together.

I like to cook the brussels sprouts in the large Dutch oven so they get a little crispy and smoky. Otherwise they’re too gummy for my taste!

But seriously, this pasta is cheap to make and heavy on the veggies. It also reheats great the next day.

Here’s the recipe.

We want to know: How did you stay frugal this week?

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