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Hey, Picky people! Today we have a fun post called “What’s In Your Purse?” I was challenged by my pal Carrie Willard and you can check out her “What’s In Your Purse?” blog here. I thought this would be a neat way to show how I stay frugal on a daily basis.

If you want to participate, comment below to tell me what’s in your purse or “murse” (hey, Indiana Jones had one, after all). You can also snap a pic and share on Instagram with the hashtag #WhatsInMyPurse.

Without further ado, here’s what’s in my purse!

Pursey Mcpurseface

my purse

First and foremost, here is my humble purse. I bought this bad boy at Clothes Mentor two years ago for $10. I needed a bigass bag to hold my crap, so it seemed like a good choice.

This gives me an annual cost of just $5 to use this bag and it’s still going on strong. I plan to use this bag until the straps break.

Funnily enough, I get compliments on my old bag, too!

What’s inside

what's in your purse?


It’s funny because they say you can learn a lot about a lady by the contents of her purse. I rarely clean out my purse, so this was a journey of self-discovery, as I forgot most of the things I had in there.

They don’t call me Mary Poppins for nothin!

Hair accessories

So, uh.

I have six headbands in my purse. Yeah. I don’t need that many, but there ya go. From a frugal standpoint, the gray headband was a freebie I found, the lace headbands were purchased fo’ free with a gift card at Charming Charlie, and the orange head band was a freebie from a PinchMe box.

I also have an absurd amount of bobby pins, too. It’s good to know I can pick locks when I’m in a pinch.

I also have two hair ties and a claw clip. I usually get sick of my hair every day by noon, so I throw it up into a ponytail to take care of bid’ness.

Homemade hankies

These hankies are a new addition. I made these two weeks ago from fabric scraps in my craft room. They’re surprisingly soft and don’t irritate my nose in the slightest.

The best part is that I don’t have to worry about disposable tissues any more! I just wash the hankies when they’re soiled and replenish my stash with new hankies.

Since I suffer from lots of allergies, this means I save about $2 – $3 every month.

Koozies & keys

Farming Phyllis crocheted me two badass coffee koozies. I like to put these on my ceramic coffee mug in the morning or on cold glasses of water at work. The first koozy is a corgi (with a fluffy butt, no less!) and the second is Sleeping Beauty, which is my favorite Disney princess (not very feminist, but she sleeps a lot and has a cool dress, so I like her, whatever).

You can check out her Etsy store here; her stuff is legit.

I also have a very nice handmade leather key chain Mr. Picky Pincher made for me. He does leatherwork on the side and did a fantastic job with this braided lanyard. You can’t see it well here, but he added turquoise studs, too. It’s gorgeous!

what's in your purse?

Just in case stuff

I call these my “CYA” items. They include my SOG knife, container of Band-Aids, chapstick, peppermint oil, ibuprofen tablets, and anti-diarrhea meds.

The SOG knife comes in handy at odd times. I use it to open boxes, cut fruit, slice cables–the list goes on. It’s a badass knife, although I’ve been thinking about downgrading to a utilitarian Swiss Army knife.

The Band-Aids and ibuprofen come in handy, particularly when you’re as clumsy as I am. The chapstick is a godsend withe the cold weather, too.

The peppermint oil is actually an interesting one. I’ve suffered from migraines since I was 11, and I’ve been on just about every medication to treat them.

I made some lifestyle changes that helped a little. But then I discovered peppermint oil gave me relief that meds couldn’t match. I love this stuff and it’s a drug-free way to get some relief. (P.S. Talk to your doctor before using peppermint oil for medical purposes!)

And the anti-diarrhea meds are just a good idea at all times. I’ve been stuck without them before an important interview and … it did not go well.

Always be prepared!

Daily necessities

I also carry a pair of sunglasses, my wallet, gum (Orbit peppermint to be exact), and Nintendo 3DS.

The sunglasses were free. I got them in a grab-bag at a conference two years ago and these little guys have withstood the test of time. I’ve destroyed every nice pair of sunglasses I’ve ever had, so now I get mine for free.

My wallet is at least four years old. I got it when I started my first job out of college. It was a symbolic way of saying it was time to do grown-up things! I love how pretty this wallet is. I think I actually got it on sale, too, so that’s another win.

I could probably go a day without gum. But I could also not go a day without gum, sooooo…

And my prized possession, my beloved Nintendo 3DS. I’m a gigantic dork-o-rama, so I love all things Pokemon. I usually play Pokemon during my lunch break to escape. I’ll replay the same games over and over, so there’s not much cost to this hobby, aside from electricity.

What’s missing?

I forgot to mention a few other items that are staples in my purse that I forgot to photograph. Naturally I keep my Nexus 5X phone in my purse. I specifically bought a purse with a front and a back pocket just to hold my phone.

I also carry my handy-dandy planner with me at all times. I hate the “Was I supposed to do something today…?” feeling, so I jot down any passing thoughts in the planner to stay productive. Ahhh.

The bottom line

Frugality is everywhere. There are ways to save money that we don’t even realize. To me, saving money comes down to the little daily things we easily forget about. That’s why it’s so important to highlight mundane stuff like what’s in my purse! The little things really add up; it’s all about having just enough and being okay with it.

We want to know: What’s in your purse/murse?

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