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Mrs. Picky Pincher is a pen for hire. But only for the right price... Yeah, just kidding. I love taking freelance work and sponsored posts, so hit me up!

You need the words. I've got 'em.


Howdy there! It's Mrs. Picky Pincher here.

Are you looking to promote your product or business? Or maybe you’re looking for an experienced professional writer? You’ve come to the right place!

I offer the following services:

  • Writing: I've written professionally in several spaces. I specialize in personal finance (naturally!) as well as marketing, business, SEO, and leadership. I can be as snarky or as professional as you’d like.
  • Marketing: I’m a marketer in my day job. I have experience working for Fortune 200 clients and small businesses. I’m more than happy to help jumpstart your marketing or promotion strategies. I’m well-versed in social media, SEO, content development, and PPC.
  • Sponsored Posts or Product Reviews
  • Affiliate Programs

Please note that I need to test the product first before agreeing to affiliate programs, sponsored posts, and product reviews. This ensures that I'm only promoting quality products that I believe in.

If you have something that doesn’t quite fit into the above categories, shoot me a message and I'll see how we can work together!

If you'd like to see more of my writing experience, you can view my portfolio here.

Talk to you soon!

You can also email me at pickypinchers(at)gmail(dot) com.

Hey there! My name is Mrs. Picky Pincher. I’m here to help you eliminate debt and save money with plenty of Texas sass.
Check out my blog for frugal living and personal finance tips–with plenty of cat pictures sprinkled in along the way, of course.

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